Library Journal, December 1999 “This remarkable, award-winning documentary emphasizes the success of Tibetan exiles in reestablishing a traditional community in northern India inspired by their deeply held religious and cultural convictions…colorful, inspiring…sustained by high production values”

Video Librarian, Nov/Dec.1999, “A beautiful video…three and 1/2 stars (out of four), Highly Recommended.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Dan Cozort, Feb.2000, “The video has an intimate tone and contains some scenes of real beauty and feeling… it is the best holistic picture we have of an exile Tibetan community.”

Public Television Station WNVT/DC, Nancy Sherwood, Feb.2000, “Tashi Jong celebrates Tibetan culture…Green’s film is a testament to that culture, a beautiful blending of sacred rituals and everyday routine as practiced in the Tashi Jong community…Tibetan influence is felt throughout the film, there is nothing imported or staged.”

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Feb. 2000, “Lovingly filmed, this video contains wonderful scenes of ordinary life in a monastery-in-exile…”

New York Times, Film, Sunday, 2/8/98 Super 8 grows up with a festival of its own…18 works were chosen from 160 works submitted by film/videomakers from throughout U.S. and Canada…Barbara Green’s TASHI JONG to be screened at Rutgers.

O Estado De S. Paulo, Brazil, 8/10/98, Jotabe Medeiros, A celebrated film…Barbara Green author of TASHI JONG shares the creation of this beautiful work with the Tibetan community of refugees who made this film possible.

Inquiring Mind, Spring 1998, Steven D Goodman, Ph.D., professor, Buddhism and Comparative Philosophy, “A poignant love poem… simple and elegant narration…to watch this video is to be touched by the living spirit and devotion of this remarkable community.”

Turning Wheel, Journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Fall 1998, Anita Barrows, Ph.D., poet,” Every moment in this caringly architected film becomes a teaching about life lived with full knowledge of its impermanence and its sacredness…a tribute to the regenerative capacity of the human spirit.”

Shambhala Sun, September 1998, John Welwood, Ph.D., author, teacher, Tibetan Buddhism and Western Psychology, “A precious glimpse into a world that is ancient yet timeless…a joy to watch, this film radiates warmth and intimacy.”

Tibet Brief, International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet, Fall 1998, Stephan Bodian, “An inspiring documentary, imbued with Buddhist teachings on compassion…Tashi Jong is above all a love poem to the indomitable spirit of the Tibetan people.”


Lhadon Tethong, Students for a Free Tibet, National Projects Coordinator, Fall 1999 “A beautiful film…One can see how the Tibetan people are working to preserve there rich and ancient cultural and religious practices in exile.”

Joanna Macy, Ph.D., Buddhist scholar and teacher, author, “In today’s world where millions of refugees face the extinction of their traditional cultures, the story of the people of Tashi Jong is instructive and inspiring.”

Rinchen Dharlo, Tibet Fund, Fall 1999 “This video authentically and naturally portrays the Tibetan culture…a very useful educational tool.”

Alan Wallace, Ph.D,Oct.1999 author, translator, teacher, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Vesna Wallace has shown Tashi Jong in her class on Socially Engaged Buddhism (UCSB) and I have shown it in my classes on Tibetan Buddhism… a personal, warm-hearted view of a Tibetan Buddhist community in exile, which shows the spirit of the Tibetan people and their commitment to preserving their cultural and spiritual heritage.”

Sandy Boucher, author, “A loving portrait pursued with dignity and grace…Tashi Jong evokes the gentleness and splendor amid suffering that characterizes the Tibetan community in exile.”


award-winning video:TASHI JONG in free online film festival

Now you can watch the full length video as seen on PBS affiliates: TASHI JONG in the free on line Film Festival Culture Unplugged


Tashi Jong/Khampagar Monastery Film

Watch Full length version as seen on PBS affiliates around the United States states and Canada,1999-2002 TASHI JONG filmed in 1994 and released in 1998 was selected for the free online film festival Culture Unplugged:

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TASHI JONG, a film called a “Love poem to the Tibetan people” Screening Free On-Line
“With heartfelt narration in English by a Tibetan woman, this 45 minute poetic film conveys a message of Universal Compassion and the Ancient Wisdom of Buddhist teachings as witnessed in the daily life and splendid monastic ritual in this remarkable community.
TASHI JONG:A Traditional Tibetan Community in Exile (means “Auspicious Valley” ) was selected for the International online Film Festival Culture Unplugged. You can screen this 45 minute award winning film (TASHI JONG means “Auspicious Valley” )